The Nubian Leadership Circle Launches A Call For Afrikan/Black Umoja (Unity) Agenda!!!!!

It is now into the 21st Century, and we as Afrikan/Black people find ourselves in a virtual “state of war” for our very survival due to the negative aggressiveness of the forces of white supremacy and racism. White folks are becoming more violent due to their paranoia regarding their declining power base and lack of a true and humane agenda.

So in the era of President Donald Trump and his racist declarations, the question is what are we as Afrikan/Black people prepared to do for ourselves? We cannot continue to sit back, complain and hope for the next forthcoming traditional handout that has not and will never happen. That in my estimation is a good thing as we have the resources (1.7 trillion dollars spending power and growing) and the brilliant minds among us to make it happen for ourselves.

The most difficult problem is our lack of Umoja (Unity). We have a significant number of organizations in our community, including churches, who if unified could make a significant difference. However, that has proven to be a difficult task to achieve. In my opinion, a true model was the historic “Million Man March” convened by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in October 1995 in Washington, DC. It had a tremendous and positive impact all across the country, but unfortunately, the continuous energy required did not happen. It was a case of Minister Farrakhan doing all he could by providing the model, but we did not follow through as a community as we should have!!! That is on us!!

The “Million Man March” gave me the opportunity to connect with Afrikan/Black leadership in our community from across the nation. That inspired me to create and write my blog entitled the Nubian Leadership Circle for the last several years to encourage “collective national thought and leadership” on the very issues that affect our everyday lives. Conditions under we now exist caused me to do a great deal of reflection.

Therefore, I have decided to take the Nubian Leadership Circle to the next level by calling for organizational “coalition building” on an active level. This would be an effort once again to bring our national leadership together in the spirit of Umoja (unity) to agree on a common agenda addressing many relevant issues in our community. Examples would be education, health, business, land, etc.

The official “launch” will happen on the weekend of June 23-24, 2017, which is also when Carl Nelson of WOL radio in Washington, DC is convening the “Power Talk 4 Series.” Brother Carl has arranged for the conference attendees to stay at the Afrikan/Black owned Sheraton Silver Spring Hotel at which I will be staying.

The plan is for the Nubian Leadership Circle to sponsor a Circle Of Black Unity (COBU) brunch on Saturday, June 24, 2017, 10:00 AM until 12:00 noon in the restaurant of the hotel which is located at 8777 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland. At that time an agenda will be introduced for discussion and developing an action plan. Attendance is open to all in our community along with conference attendees. The “brunch” will be concluded no later then 12:00 noon out of respect for those who will need to proceed to day two of the “powertalk series” in Washington, D.C.

We request those who intend to attend the “brunch” to RSVP in advance as we are in need of the final attendance number to complete preparation details. You can call 202-540-0267 or e-mail by no later then Friday, June 23rd, 12:00 to make a “brunch” reservation. We look forward to this important occasion.

In conclusion, I have reached out to Minister Farrakhan and others in seeking broad support for this effort which is hopefully forthcoming in the near future. The time is now for us to in fact “handle our own business.” Let this important work begin!!!

Sadiki Kambon, Convener
Nubian Leadership Circle
Washington, DC

Re: Killers Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. . . . . Remain Free 49 Years Later!!!

April 4, 2017 marks the 49th anniversary of the assassination Of Reverend/Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The murder of Dr. King happened at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4. 1968. At that time a white racist male named James Earl Ray was charged as the assassin and sentenced to life in prison. He later recanted his admission of guilt and due to that fact, the King family filed a civil law suit in the Memphis court system in 1999.

After a lengthy trial was held, the jury returned with a verdict that the assassination of Dr. King was “due to a conspiracy by agencies of the United States Government.” There is documented evidence (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, trial )  identifying names (J. Edgar Hoover/FBI, etc.) along with the many others involved. In fact, it reveals the actual assassination shooter was a now deceased police lieutenant from the Memphis Police Dept. All the facts are there for public consumption and viewing.

What is most disturbing is the fact that although the truth is known, the actual killers of Dr. King have not been brought to justice. Since the year 2000, our organization, the Black Community Information Center Inc. located in Boston, Mass. has sent letters on a yearly basis calling on various presidents (Clinton, W. Bush, Obama) from the past to take the needed action that would instruct their respective justice departments to establish a “special grand jury” to investigate, identify and prosecute those responsible for this horrendous act. The response to our urgent request was acknowledgement of receipt and total silence!!

This being the Trump era presidency, reality dictates that a new strategy be pursued. Therefore, it is our intent to now focus energy for justice towards the Congressional Black Caucus and senior member, Mr. John Lewis. Congressman Lewis was a close confidant of Dr. King and we hope his relationship will inspire him to take the lead in moving the process for justice. He along with his “Caucus” colleagues know the truth along with other alleged Afrikan/Black leaders (Sharpton, J. Jackson, King III, Andrew Young, etc.), but no action to this point has been taken. A letter is being sent to Congressman Lewis, urging himself and the Congressional Black Caucus to take the lead in seeking justice for Dr. King and his family.

The “Caucus” should at the very least file legislation calling for the “special grand jury” to investigate the assassination of Dr. King. In fact a precedent has been set by former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who in 2002 filed the “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Reform Act”. This legislation would immediately release past evidence on the case that has been “sealed” until the year 2027. The “Caucus” should lead the way in having that pertinent evidence released immediately. In addition as an added incentive, the “Emmett
Till Civil Rights Authorization Act 2016” was filed by the Obama administration. This legislation calls for “investigating all racial crimes committed before year 1980.” These two legislative actions serve as a clear path to pursue the investigation and put the facts out for public review.

Most importantly, Dr. King gave up his life for Afrikan/Black people and we should be relentless until this case is resolved. You are urged to get on board with this campaign by contacting the office of Congressman Lewis to demand action by the “Caucus” as our duly elected officials. Let him and his colleagues know we want the “special grand jury” to be established and pursuit of the previously mentioned filed legislation in 2002 and 2016 respectively. You can reach his office at 202-225-3801. Make the power of our community be heard by making those calls and sending a strong message for justice!!!

In closing you are encouraged o click on the attachment below and listen to a song I have shared in the past. It gives you a melodic fact finding summary of the assassination of Dr. King. It is written and sung by talented Boston songstress Ms. Rosalie Placid. Listen to the words and hear the story to be told!!!

Sadiki Kambon, Faciliator
Nubian Leadership Circle
Washington, D.C.

Letter to  Congressman Richmond

Re: Afrikan/Black People In U.S.A. Are Better Off With a President Trump!!

We are now in the early stages of the Donald Trump presidency.  Turmoil seems to be the theme of the day as the “Donald” embarks on fulfilling his campaign promises  filled with racist and fascist bluster.  His proclaimed agenda includes building a wall along the Mexican border in order to send a very strong, although questionable message, that is anti-immigrant in nature!! In addition, his administration plans to defund  Planned Parenthood (I support the defunding) and replace “Obamacare.”

These are prime examples of the Trump vision for the future of this country.  The real question is what are the implications as it pertains to the status of Afrikan/Black people in the U.S.A.?  It is quite clear that Afrikan/Black people are very upset with the election of racist Donald Trump over racist Hillary Clinton in the past November, 2016 presidential election.  There is a very high level of misguided dismay in our community which I do not understand.  Trump made it quite clear during his campaign for the presidency that his policies were going to be racist in nature and not expect any support from his administration.  I, for one, can appreciate that type of evil honesty versus being told lies (Hillary Clinton) of “hope” that would never become a reality!!!

I for one am pleased with the Trump victory for various reasons.  We as a people sat idly by during the Obama era presidency as we became delusional into believing that the “post racial/hope” dream had arrived. Nothing could be further from the truth as  President Obama and his administration policies did more harm for our community then good!!  An example would be the documented fact that actual Afrikan/Black wealth decreased more then 10 percent while Obama resided in the opulent White House. That is our worst economic drought/drain since many years back during the “great depression.” Think about that!!!

So here we are as Afrikan/Black people facing a major dilemma in our moving forward.  We have a critical decision to make. Our understanding that the covers of white supremacy have been pulled back by the Trump administration for all of us to see. Yes, another racist administration in office and does that mean we are going to continue “crying the blues” due to the situation or “circle the wagons” and make a stand in regards to determining the path of our future.  Seemingly we do not have a choice!!  As Donald Trump declared to Afrikan/Black people in his uncaring manner, “what do you have to lose??”

It is often stated that we as Afrikan/Black people in this country have a GNP (grand national product) of $1.5 trillion dollars that we are presently spending as consumers on an annual basis and rising.  It is time for us to develop the needed consciousness of “doing for self!!!”  It is essential that we separate at the very least psychologically and do what is best for us.  That is not a selfish act as all other groups do it as everyday common practice for survival.  Hello, Little Italy, Chinatown and white people in general.

We need our own schools for our children, hospitals, businesses, etc.  Alleged integration and assimilation with white people was nothing more then a planned “sham” by the forces of white supremacy.  Examples like “Black Wall Street” needs to be our model with the intent to mobilize, utilize our own vast resources and brilliant brain power to make this become a reality.  In contrast to the beliefs of Donald Trump, I believe in the old adage that “we have everything to gain and nothing to lose!!”  All it takes is the will to believe in ourselves and we will prevail.

                                                                            Sadiki Kambon, Facilitator
                                                                            Nubian Leadership Circle
                                                                            Washington, DC

Justice for Martin Luther King, Jr.


Seeking Dr. King Assassination Justice And “Emmett Till” Civil Rights Crime Authorization Act 2016!!!

It was that infamous day of April 4, 1968, when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.  A racist white man named James Earl Ray was charged as the killer, in spite of many unanswered questions.  The King family visited Ray in prison and after hearing his version of the situation, came away convinced that he did not commit this dastardly crime. Led by Mrs. Coretta Scott-King the family filed a civil suit in 1999.
A lengthy trial was held and the jury returned a verdict that “Dr. King was assassinated due to a conspiracy by agencies of the United States Government”.  Upon learning of the trial and reviewing the trial transcripts, we here at the Black Community Information Center, Inc., located in Boston, Massachusetts, embarked on a mission to seek justice for Dr. King and his family.  Since the year 2000, we have sent a letter every year to the sitting president (Clinton, W. Bush, Obama) requesting that a “special grand jury” be established to investigate the case and bring the real killers of Dr. King to justice!!!
Although the campaign has not achieved that goal (special grand jury) to this point, it is encouraging due to the legitimate nature of information being shared through the years that the conversation is gradually changing. There is now a realization that Dr. King was assassinated due to the “conspiracy” with direct government involvement.  Many of our alleged Afrikan/Black leadership are aware of the truth, but appear to be in fear of taking action.  Therefore, it will require community pressure to possibly make the type of impact required to see the appropriate action to be taken.
The Obama administration is in its final days and seemingly they would have nothing to lose by taking action needed to bring this travesty of justice to closure.  The first option would be the “special grand jury.” In addition back in 2002 with the support of then Senators Kerry and Clinton, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney filed the “Martin Luther King Jr. Records Act.”  The intent of that “bill” was to order the immediate release of records related to the case which are sealed until the year 2027.  To this point, that has not happened and we should be demanding they be released in the immediate future!!!!
Additionally and very importantly, the Obama administration has quietly had the “Emmett Till Civil Rights Crimes Authorization Act 2016” passed in recent weeks.  You may recall that Emmett Till was the 14 year old Afrikan/Black youth who was visiting relatives in Mississippi in the 1950’s who was brutally murdered by racist white men for allegedly “whistling at a white woman!!”  Well this “bill” in his name calls for the investigation of “all racial crimes committed before the year 1980.”  The assassination of Dr. King would fall under that time frame and should receive prime consideration to be acted upon.
The time is short and we as a community must take direct action!!  You are urged to call the White House and demand from the Obama administration that the “Till Bill” be applied to the Dr. King assassination as a priority.  That would require consideration of the previously mentioned “special grand jury” and enforcement of the McKinney “reform act” legislation.  You can make contact at the White House by calling the “comment line” at 202-456-1111 and emphatically express your position on the issue.  It is essential that all concerned should also encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do the same.  The White House needs to in fact be swamped with calls.  That is the least we can do as Dr. King gave his life for us as Afrikan/Black people!!!
In closing, you can click on the attachment which will take you to a song entitled “Who Really Killed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.???” The song was written and composed by talented Boston songstress Ms. Rose Placid as a tribute to Dr. King.
                                                                    In struggle,
                                                                    Sadiki Kambon, facilitator
                                                                    Nubian Leadership Circle
                                                                    Washington, DC
                                                                    Director, Black Community Information Center Inc.

Click below to play the song.


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